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Bio-MaticWeather-Proof Fingerprint Recognition Door Locks
3-Way Access: 150 Fingerprints, 78 Passcodes, or Key
2 years warranty
If you want maximum protection for yourself and your loved ones... If you're tired of locking yourself out... If you want everyone in your home to have their own unique key that you'll NEVER lose... If you want to rid yourself of the need for multiple home or office keys FOREVER... If you're a home-owner, apartment dweller, or business owner with employees... you'll LOVE the Bio-Matic Fingerprint Locks!

Biometric Technology
Stylish and easy to use, this gold color fingerprint door lock offers a sliding front cover that not only allows protection for the optical sensor but also activates the fingerprint scanner when lifted.

Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock Gold Color
- Easy installation - replaces most tubular locks without drilling additional hole
- Utilizes "Live Layer" optical sensor technology
- Stand alone and battery operated - batteries are good for 15,000 entries
- Add or delete user is performed directly on the lock's pin pad
- Individual users can be deleted - no need to clear all users
- 150 Fingerprint users
- 78 Passcode code users
- 2 Backup keys
- Low battery power warning alert
- Rugged, corrosion resistant steel construction for long lasting use
- Sliding solid steel cover protects the biometric sensor from UV rays and weather
- Gold color finish
3-Way Access
Select Lock Handle

Gold Color Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock
Retail Price: $399.99
Sale Price: $359.99

For Right Hand Door (Model# BM001R): Order Now!

For Left Hand Door (Model# BM001L): Order Now!

Silver Color Fingerprint Door Lock
Silver Color Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock
Retail Price: $399.99
Sale Price: $359.99

For Right Hand Door (Model# BM003R): Order Now!

For Left Hand Door (Model# BM003L): Order Now!

- Door Thickness 1.5" to 2.36"
- Unlocking Methods Fingerprint, Passcode and Mechanical Key
- False Identification Rate: <0.0001%
- Fingerprint Recognition Capacity: 150
- Passcode Capacity: 78 8-digit
- Scanner Resolution: 560 dpi
- Power by 4 AA batteries
- Enrolled fingerprints will not be deleted while replacing batteries
- Anti static Voltage >15000v
- Operating Temperature: -4 to 140 F
- Adjustable latch: 2 3/8" or 2 3/4" backset
- Fit a standard 2-1/8" diameter hole

Package Includes:
- Interior lock handle
- Exterior lock handle
- 2 rubber assembly protectors
- Lock assembly
- 2 keys
- Plate
- Lock hook
- Spanner
- 6 screws
- Template
- Manual

Due to the sliding cover on this Bio-Matic Fingerprint Lock, a minimum clearance of 5" must exist above the lock mounting hole! Please ensure that this distance exists between the existing door knob cutout and any existing deadbolt and/or trim!

Lock Dimensions Installation Diagram
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